He is very kind and caring! You can trust him with anything, it doesn't matter how bad or good. He will help you through your 'hard' times. He is a bit shy, but in the cute way!!! He has a sweet accent! <3 That just makes you smile! He is very good looking! He is very intelligent! He is very special and you will never meet someone quite like him =) And most importantly he is an amazing dancer!
Omg, he is a Bruno, I have never meet someone like him!
Omg, I wanna find my Bruno!
by Emogurl<3 January 31, 2014
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A very great person who is very sexy, smart, and skilled. Great at being a leader and caring for his friends, he is also very loyal to his word.
Yo, did you see Bruno? He's a real team player.
by 《 An Enemy Stand User 》 October 26, 2019
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“What about Bruno?”
We don’t talk about Bruno
by PencilRC1 December 13, 2021
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No way to say this but ...... This nigga hot as fuck bro he sexy as fuck will leave your legs immobilized if you smash and he’s a fuckin good boyfriend to have no doubt about it, he’s sexy
Girl: What happened why are you limping?!?
Girl: I was fucking a Bruno that is what happened
by Hot ass nigga dom June 13, 2019
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Bruno has a dick the size Donald Trump imagined his wall
Bruno’s dick is Yuggggge
by Make yo choice April 8, 2019
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