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He is very kind and caring! You can trust him with anything, it doesn't matter how bad or good. He will help you through your 'hard' times. He is a bit shy, but in the cute way!!! He has a sweet accent! <3 That just makes you smile! He is very good looking! He is very intelligent! He is very special and you will never meet someone quite like him =) And most importantly he is an amazing dancer!
Omg, he is a Bruno, I have never meet someone like him!
Omg, I wanna find my Bruno!
by Emogurl<3 January 30, 2014
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Bruno's are really hot. they usually never get the girls but those they do get are either super loyal and nice or complete bitches. Bruno will keep on trying to get the same girl no matter how bitchy or annoying she is.
Josh: wow Bruno suck my dick
Bruno: No Homo bro
by THICCBOI27 May 12, 2018
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Bruno is a person who can charm any girl he wants. He is like an ultimate player. He doesn't have to be sexy to get women.
Dude, You remind me of Bruno
by Sancho Desgracia August 05, 2007
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Austrian gay journalist portrayed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (see Ali G, Borat). Hosts a fashion show and travels to such glamorous places as Arkansas and Alabama, cheerleading in American football games and making fun of fashion designers, hairstylists, et al. Appears on "Da Ali G Show".
Bruno recently visited a gun show in Arkansas where he asked why shooting is so popular among gay men.
by Natasha August 21, 2004
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The third alter ego of the Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. As Bruno he plays an Austrian gay male model.
I is Bruno here reporting for Austrian Gay TV.
by GuidoPosse69 January 28, 2005
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