The police unit that uses dogs to sniff for drugs or other things
Man, i'm lucky i wasn't pulled over by the k9 unit while smuggling this crack
by Giant-rat June 30, 2005
I wish I had a nose laser like K9.
by neitherday November 1, 2006
sex between humans and dogs.
'she is into k9'
~how much do you love your k9~
by wolfgirl November 5, 2003
An amazing person that every girl likes, adores, and dreams of. He is sexy, handsome, and hot. They are super popular and can get any girl they want to come home with him.
Wow look at him with all those girls, hes probably K9
by Kniyn August 30, 2017
Synonyme for Dog.
But also used to look up Animal pr0n.

Side note: "K3" Annoying Girlband from Belgium.
"Did you see that movie k9?"
"Yeah with that dog, it sucked and blowed at the same time."
by Johni February 22, 2005
A shortened form of the word "Canine."
The sound of the word results in "K-9."
by Dalhusky July 23, 2006