A command to go and stay in a kennel.

Originally directed towards crate-trained dogs, this expression is used to convey utter disapproval towards friends and colleagues.
Example 1
Ali: "My crystals and my night stick are tangled!"
Craft: "Kennel."

Example 2
Corinne: "Let's go to the Waka Sunrise show!"
Wiesse: "Naaaa, I'm just gonna kennel myself."
by Turtle Farmer August 24, 2010
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A mixture between Dogging and Cottaging, whereby participants flick the lights on and off in a public toilet before embarking on a sexual adventure for the viewing pleasure of an assembled audience.
During a particularly bad case of the horn, Rupert and Henry decided to go down to the heath for some kennelling.
by Rupert and Henry September 5, 2008
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To be a furry but not out as furry. Sort of like "in the closet" is to queer.
Man, she's so far in the kennel, she's already wearing a collar!

Wow, he's so far in the kennel, he's in Narnia!
by PoikSpirit October 17, 2010
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the act of dogging but where the action takes place in caravans rather than cars. hence "kennel club". - an organisation of doggers with caravans, motor homes etc who like to share their experiences with pikers
Hey, what's going on in that caravan with the windows open?

They're kennelling at it like mad,mate!
by Chloe C July 4, 2005
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A less than polite way to tell a particularly fugly couple to stop making out in public.
Johnny: Dude, check it out! Robin and Dina are getting hot and heavy!
Sam: Aww man, no one wants to see that!! Get a kennel!!
by Ehrris March 3, 2012
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verb: to return home after a night of being out of control; drunk. a.k.a Get your ass home.
Can be used for either gender;
"Jackie was so drunk last night, that her boyfriend Jason said "I think it is time for you to Kennel Up".
"Jackie was so drunk last night, that her boyfriend Jason said "I think it is time for you to Kennel Up".

Brad was so drunk, Heather looked at him and said "That is your last drink..it is time to kennel up!"
by somamo December 15, 2013
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The cough a person develops after a camping festival, caused by all the dust, dirt, and drug smoke inhaled during the festival.
Alex's weak lungs couldn't handle all the dirt and drug smoke over the weekend, now he has a bad case of kennel cough.
by Jill Weiss May 29, 2014
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