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1) A crease in the middle of the calfs caused by pre-wrap straps for shin splints.
2) Muscular calfs with a defined muscle.

It comes from the term kancles where the calf hangs over the foot. In this occurrence the calf is on the calf generally not referring to the obese but to runners.
1) When I do track I develop shin splints and to help support then I put on pre-wrap straps on my calfs to hold the tendon in place. The tight straps cause a crease in my calfs and then I get calffuls.

Sentence: Look, that hurdler has calffuls.

2) When I do track we run a lot and our calfs get stronger and defined. This then causes us to get muscular calfs resulting in calffuls

Sentence: Did you see that runner's calffuls?
by Chelsey G May 27, 2008
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