(n) A muscle in the human body; Behind the shin
Jake Klein said that Steve McNair injured his Cal-f
by joe schmo February 12, 2004
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A non mainstream way of saying lol. Can't Abstain From Laughing.
Sam: Check out this funny pic!
Mark: Cafl dude!

James: Lol tom!
Tom: You are so mainstream. Say Calf!
by 42ftw February 19, 2011
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The part of the leg below the knee the park everyone loves. The squishy jiggly part of the leg
John- I like yo calves.
Shaniqua- thanks John I like yo thighs
by Thighslec October 11, 2020
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Childless And Looking a Financier. A mature woman without children seeking men based on finances rather than an age preference.
Joye's sexiness attracts men of all ages but she isn't a MILF looking for a hookup, she's a CALF longing for a destination date.
by Joye Styk November 04, 2020
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Unknown to most members of the female race, when a man compliments a woman's calves, it most likely means that he is subtly calling them a farm animal. A term that men use to make remarks about a woman without their knowledge of its true definition. Much like dime or butterface. The women think it is an odd compliment, but the men know that they are reflecting on her eery similarities to a young cow.
"Bro, Amanda has such nice calves!"
"I know dude, she's disgusting"
by casualtrex May 22, 2017
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