When a couple or couples remove their clothing not to have sex, but to make-out whilst a movie starring Nicholas Cage is playing on the TV.
-Did you get it in last night?
-Nah man. We were just caging.
by KingOfCage December 23, 2011
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The guy you just can't get over. You love everything about him. His akward smile, his laugh, the facial expressions he makes, his smell. To you he is perfect. You just can't bring you're self to tell him this. Because he likes your best friend
Girl1: Hey there's Cage
Girl2: Don't say that name. I will start cryin and clock you in the face.
by HelloGoodbye14 February 27, 2011
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Man who has killed many, a man who cannot be taken for granted. When he strikes he strikes fast, but with warnings before. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Did you here about cage, because he killed 35 people in one night.
by 696969th November 23, 2018
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A device usually used in the basement for the storage of illegitimate children and the mentally retarded. Results have shown to be very successful
Timmy! Stop sticking your fingers through the cage, it's still going to be locked!
by theabusivefather November 21, 2006
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An extreme, concerning, and extremely volatile state of rage-based lunacy.
Rob is drunk and his ex-girlfriend just texted him. He is about to go full cagely.
by Princess Weekend June 6, 2017
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The place where someone lives, but only feels free when out of it because they do not own it and they must live by the rules of the owner.
Ledbetter texted me to pick him up soon 'cause he wanted out of the cage.
by von groovy May 17, 2017
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Something that all people with the first name Phillip should be in. A word commonly used by teenagers referring to friends when they are annoying
Phillip: Hey _____ What's up?
Teenager: Get back in your cage Phillip..
by Teenageboy August 14, 2010
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