She's the most beautiful girl you will ever see. Every tiny detail is perfect and her personality is equally as amazing.
You wonder how it is that a person this amazing can exist, but find yourself just appreciating the fact that she exists, and even better yet, that you know her. Shes absolutely crazy and you find yourself loving her no matter what. Everyone is jealous of a Cadee and would kill just to look and act a tiny bit like her.
by G.H.H. August 26, 2009
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A girl named cadee is a Goddest at heart, she has a warm heart and beautiful smile that when smiling she makes other people smile too. Most cadee' s tend to either be great singers and dancers or very smart and lazy. You decide what cadee you know..... Cadee is really beautiful and very funny.
Cadee is so dumb and funny, but idc Becuase she is my best friend ever!!!!!
by Oxford Dictionary for blacks February 24, 2019
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(A) A perfect example of someone who thinks they know everything, but really don't! Although very smart they are not always right. (B) One of the best friends you'll have for the rest of your life. This word should not be used lightly though, There should only be ONE Cadee in your life.
(A) Gosh why does that person have to be such a Cadee and always be right? (B) She is the sweetest person I have ever known and will be my Cadee forever!
by SephirothAE86 August 25, 2010
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A total faggot franchise who thinks hes doing something decent with his life. It is a small brand of unprofessional clothing created and developed by a child named Cade.
"yo is that cade by cade? kill yourself!"
by FiggerNaggot69kys December 13, 2017
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A guy who is chill and funny in a sort of commenty way. Very laid back. Smart as a person, he looks really thinky all the time it makes you wonder whats going on in his head. Hes different and seems more real than everyone around him. He wears pretty casual clothes has a curvy back thing like it slants at this one point and his shirt hangs loosely on him. Hes not what most girls would be OMGing about but hes not unattractive at all. His hair is dark and his voice is deep he has thick eyebrows and has sort of an 'I dont care' aura about him. Hes not shy but hes not totally out there either, more like he says something if it seems important or funny enough. Hes tall like 5'9 and average weight. Not tan not pale. Seems confident and ready like in a go with the flow way. He uses big words. I could imagine him listening to rock but idk exactly. Hes interesting to watch which seems creepy af but he always looks really observant. Hes not unpopular just i would expect people to be all over him and they arent at all. Hes someone that you wish you knew just because he seems so much cooler than everyone else (maybe thats just me cause i think im better than everyone but idk) writes small and seems to try to take the easy way out. Says he likes listening to music but i never see him with headphones in whats up with that. I feel like he's watching me and always find myself in awkward situations when he's around, i think im psyching myself out though. Cades are different.
Hey look at cade over there with the little smirk on his face slunked back in his desk writing something in his notebook. Wish i was over there, they dont realize how lucky they are

Friend: why are you staring at him

Our house our rules livin like miley
by sexatron2.0 December 30, 2013
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The word used by doggos to refer to what humans typically call a cat.
U thot I was a cade, but I am a doggo
Heckin amboozled again fren
by HeckSusanPetMe January 04, 2018
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An Cade is a really chill, handsome guy who doesn’t appeal sweet but is a loyal, honest man. A Cade seems as if he is a kind, generous man who wears nice casual clothes and is average height (5’8 to 6’1). A Cade also seems as if he is low key with a relationship, keeping it on the down so no one will know about it. An Cade is a man at heart but is willing to give his heart to a girl, spoiling her each and every way. He is also a very social guy as well to liking to fish. A Cade seems to have dark colored hair, blue or bright green eyes that sees his future.
See that man sitting next to the telephone pole? His names Cade, he’s really cool, handsome, cute and loves ladies.
by Pnuemoenia2.0 January 17, 2018
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