Cade is a very smart individual who is smart, funny and kind, but not only that but is also very attractive and the more you get to know him the more you love him. A Cade will also always keep a secret and respect your opinion. Any girl who gets a Cade is the luckiest and should never let him go.
by Poopoopotty December 14, 2020
An Cade is a really chill, handsome guy who doesn’t appeal sweet but is a loyal, honest man. A Cade seems as if he is a kind, generous man who wears nice casual clothes and is average height (5’8 to 6’1). A Cade also seems as if he is low key with a relationship, keeping it on the down so no one will know about it. An Cade is a man at heart but is willing to give his heart to a girl, spoiling her each and every way. He is also a very social guy as well to liking to fish. A Cade seems to have dark colored hair, blue or bright green eyes that sees his future.
See that man sitting next to the telephone pole? His names Cade, he’s really cool, handsome, cute and loves ladies.
by Pnuemoenia2.0 January 17, 2018
The word used by doggos to refer to what humans typically call a cat.
U thot I was a cade, but I am a doggo
Heckin amboozled again fren
by HeckSusanPetMe January 5, 2018
He’s so great. A cade is a boy who is depressed but he powers through it and lights up people’s lives. He likes the ocean and one day he’s going to change the world. He’s a nerd, and is kind to the outcasts. He’s good with kids and hilarious. He is a boy that I am totally over because fall soccer is over and i hope he never sees this cause he’ll know immediately which of his friends has a crush on him. He goes for things most would say that’s impossible and H E G E T S I T D O N E. Find yourself that boy in band. Get him boo. His new gf won’t stop you from getting that perfect man. He wouldn’t agree with that obviously but that boy wouldn’t agree with anything he’s always gotta debate which usually leads to a fight which is fun. He’s amazing.
Bystander one: Cade’s throwing people across the room again.

Bystander two: Ah fucking twink throwing the flag across the field.
by DancingDenverGirl/SecretFlaggi December 11, 2018
Knowing a Cade is the key to having an eventful life. You'll never again worry about being bored or having a lack of laughter. He is super mysterious and is obsessed with oldies music. He is more than likely to have a crush on you for years before ever saying anything about it outright. But everyone around will know how he feels about you through his eyes and actions. Cade is always honest and so random, he'll keep you on your toes. The nicknames he'll call you will be endless just like his hands on hobbies. Enjoy being one of those he can rely on, that's a huge gift.
"Seriously Cade? You want to build a what?"
"Cade, no normal person right in their mind would ever think of doing that"
by awakened gal April 9, 2022
Cade is an absolute gentleman and he's so kind. He will usually have kinda long and soft brown hair and brown eyes. He's is very handsome and hot. He is pretty athletic, usually plays basketball or baseball and he's pretty damn good at them too. He would almost always go after girls in his category or usually his grade. He may give u signs that that u would think as being signs as to if he likes you but in the end when u confess he will say no or he will say that he likes someone different. He doesn't really care what u look like and if u ask to be friends hell probably say yes meaning he usually means he wants to be friends but he would mean no. He has a kind heart and doesn't wanna sound mean in any way. He has this amazingly hot look on his face when he walks through halls or just in general. He's an absolute all round amazing guy, If u meet a Cade girls NEVER LET HIM GO!! He'll change your life forever.
Cade (is a absolute all around amazing guy)
by ♡Black_Heart♡ January 18, 2021