lots of money, so much that you don't need to spell the word right
hobo's sign:will sing and dance for Ca$h
by Earboxer January 24, 2009
Referring to energy taken or absorbed
Ayo bro I knocked the ca$h outta Jamal
by Str8_outta_u April 28, 2021
(also known as og carti) a time when playboi carti wasnt a gay ass vamp and pulled more than 100 hoes.
this period of greatness was in between the years of 2014-2018
nigga 1: bro new playboi carti gay asf
nigga 2: fr, i miss ca$h carti
Jesus: like fr bro!!! i'll bring the great ca$h carti back someday
nigga 1: yo!!! where did this nigga come from!?
by quandale dingle the great March 22, 2022
("K-ah-sh" "Mm-uh-n-knee") Used as a term to describe something that is considered of higher value compared to one of average value. Originated from the ancient Chinese philosophers to describe an ethereal plain of reality.
by VonyTaro October 19, 2018
Rapper originally from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Know for ridiculousness in rhymes, compared to Mike Jones or Dave Chapelle's Fistdacuffs. YouTube promoted Military rapper. Still fighting in our nations Army. Currently in Afghanistan. Produced, and edited himself. Mostly comedy style rap, with some serious songs. Exaggerated ego.
You think you invented the word merked?, you got a Hot Ca$h ego! That shit so bad it's funny, Hot Ca$h style.
by YouTube hero January 17, 2013
Ca$h Money Records. Southern, hip hop record label. Although the record label was started by older rappers, Lil' Wayne now owns the record label.
"Ca$h Money Records takin over for the 99 and the 2000."
by CaraCarp0011 May 18, 2007
UP NEXT!!! Fire 14 year old rapper from Australia. One of the best upcoming artists out right now!
Ayy yo, you hear that new CA$H E?
by The Producer Clique June 29, 2021