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The living embodiment of a cunt. A female regardless of age who continues to show lack of remorse for outlandish behavior or terrible attitude. Sexual acts in a dishonest way towards a boyfriend or significant other also play into the equation.
Cunt sandwich:blah blah! Fuck u that’s why I cheated on you u ugly fuck
Baffled individual:wow your being a real cunt sandwich. Smh
by Tits on a Rug December 18, 2017
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verb. to force one out of the way, usually into a rail or a wall. The force of cunt-sandwiching is usually hard enough to throw the other person over the rail or into a wall. Some say it originates from women's roller-derby when one person knocks their opponent into or over the rail.
I was in a rush to get out of the grocery store so I cunt-sandwiched the old man into the candy racks on my way to the cash register.
by Ashats July 19, 2008
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Middle lane cunt surrounded on either side by people who know how to drive
Simon was cruising down the motorway, ahead he can see a car in the middle lane with the slow lane completely empty .He sees a silver lupo aggressively on its tail and moving towards the inside lane to undercut. So Simon had no choice but to take the outer lane and cunt sandwich the fuck outa the wanker in the middle lane .
by mattpacer May 15, 2016
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When one woman sticks her pussy in the folds in another pussy.
Becky: "Me and Alice did the Cunt Sandwich last night!"
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by Ahurah_D September 09, 2018
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