Stands for Conlin Rage Disorder
When your meatball friend, gets really pissed.

The symptoms include

Increased energy
Racing thoughts
That faggot Ryan, always gets extreme CRD, when we play any game
by Not da dr. Hu March 28, 2020
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Sally thought she could "drop it like its hot," on the dance floor, but unfortunately she suffers from CRD and instead looked like she was having a seizure.
by MMurphy March 11, 2008
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CRD (Corona Restricted Dating)

"The act of virtual dating due to the lack of physical contact due to social distancing and lock-down during the Covid 19 outbreak" MJG
"Oh Yh, this is Marc, he's the guy I'm CRD with atm" ESF
by Shark_Flowers March 25, 2020
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Jamie really could use a CRD.
Lemonade that CRD!
by Uncle Jame Jame June 7, 2010
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(Abbreviation): Doctorate in Cracktology
Person 1: “I went to Harvard to study Philosophy and achieved my PhD last year”
Person 2: “cool, I went to the streets of (name any suburb known for its drug use) to study Cracktology and it only took a month to get my CrD and now I’m running my own Cracktise
by Khayejhaye March 25, 2022
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