3 definitions by Not da dr. Hu

A quarantini is when a bunch of assholes break quarantine to have a cocktail party
Billy: Hey Jim me and the wife wanna have a quarantini, wanna come?
Jim: I don’t want the fucking coronavirus asshat.
by Not da dr. Hu April 18, 2020
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Stands for Conlin Rage Disorder
When your meatball friend, gets really pissed.

The symptoms include

Increased energy
Racing thoughts
That faggot Ryan, always gets extreme CRD, when we play any game
by Not da dr. Hu March 28, 2020
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Ungay, describes when all major corporations get rid of their pride flags in their online profile pictures on July First.
mcdonalds just got rid of their pride flag, the ungay has started
by Not da dr. Hu July 2, 2020
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