n. (similar to tea) The title of Beyonce's 2016 album that contained personal information about her relationship with Jay-Z and other topics like their daughter, Blue Ivy, her father, and also female empowerment... gossip; the scoop; the details, etc...
You better make some lemonade and tell us what happen between Tonny and Mary.
by StrawberryTeaAndLemonade May 25, 2016
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The best JAY-Z diss record in history. Written by his wife.
If you ever Jay-Z me, I'm going to lemonade you.
Sounds fair enough.
by Thisdickaintfreeeee May 29, 2016
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what one makes when life gives them lemons. what the hell else are you gonna do with them.
guy 1: "Man, why do I keep getting all these lemons?"

guy 2: "I don't know. You should make some lemonade though."
by Jon Zimmerman June 18, 2008
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A drink made from lemons.
"Lemonade was a popular drink, and it still is" - Guru (from Gang Starr)
by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee August 27, 2005
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