literally, 'flame'.

but has a variety of connotations including:

N- buddy
Adj.- in good taste, sexy

a nonsensical expression of approval.

used religiously by AZNglo and arreks.
"sup, pul."


"those dunks are so pul."
by tdxalways April 19, 2009
Like if a guy walks passed you go "oh, he's a right pul!"

(if he has an ego and over hears you he'll probably thing that you mean "I'd pull him" as in snog him or get his number, when realy you'd do no such thing!)
by peexy April 19, 2008
A way to say friend, pal, buddy, chum, brother, associate, and acquaintance.
Wuz up, pul? Howa u didezn?
by Ronitz December 8, 2007
A Old Language German word for a protector or a protecting force.

1) As a person, it always was used singularly and from older to younger.

2) As a force, it referred to a natural energy

Was also a specific shield design. The shield was shaped as a hour glass
1) The young boys puls was never far away

2) There seemed to be a puls about the forest.
by dadadadumbass March 29, 2009
When a person goes out on a social occasion such as to a bar or club with the intention of having some sort of sexual relation with someone.
"Why is James taking so long? He's been doing his hair for like a hour."
"He's on the pull."
by Pazza September 19, 2006
video chat between the coolest people in the world
Hey yo, let's have a PUL tonight...?
I wish I was cool enough to have a PUL chat, but I'm just not...
by Paleud December 30, 2011
Pul is twelve year old boy suffering from epula
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Q:Whats Puls favorite thing to do at a Hosptial? A: a Pulmonary Functions test

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by progamerlaure April 7, 2019