Checking for body count, if they have done anything mad or anything that would make u stray away from a relationship with a person ur thinking of doing so with
Yo that girl looks peng, mandem let’s do a CRB check on her still
by yoyo1up March 8, 2019
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Any man in an excited state looses control over is body and his Cock rules his Brain (CRB )
by CleverDiC February 5, 2010
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(n.) - An acronym developed by the most wretched of degenerates standing for Coffee RedBull. Also affectionately known as the Cow's Rotten Butthole, this vile concoction will systematically destroy your organs, and ultimately, life.
"You were mainlining crb through your fucking placenta dont even act"
by DeceitfulRain December 4, 2019
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aka: Crown Royal Bag. Used to jerk off in, often time while driving.
Yo furdawg, your ole CRB is looking mighty crusty. You might might want to throw that thang through the wash.
by 3KD January 19, 2007
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Chinky Ruski Bella
(Chinese Russian Babe)
Shes a hot CRB
by Em112 March 7, 2009
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The crew from clovelly who hangs down ther. clovelly reef boys. now is called CBU. clovelly boys unite.
oy bro, ya wanna join CRB?
Sweet, yeh, eshays...
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