This is a mispronounced Russian word for "Russian". At list that is what I hear in the Hollywood movies.

It should be spelt "rooskii" to sound right (ะ ัƒััะบะธะน).
It is also of male gender.
"ruski" male - "roosskaia" female.

Someone here wrote that "genueine" Russian surnames usually end with "ski". That is actually not true. Majority of those ending with "ski" are _Jewish_ and Polish (that is where most of the Jews settled originally when they ran centuries ago from Israel - Poland and Ukrane).

Russian surnames usually end with "ov", "ev" or "in" (for males) - like Putin and Medvedev or Gorbachev, and "ova" and "ina" for females. Like Kurnikova or Sharapova.

The remark someone made about Russians being short tempered and killing anyone who calls them ruski - is rubbish.

There are a lot of non-Russian ethnicities living in Russian Federation ( members of mafia too). Those who live around and up in Caucasus mountains (Chechnya, Georgia, Armenia etc.) and who look like Italians and Greeks - have much shorter temper than Russians. They have "pride" and can kill for it like Sicilians would. Stalin (real name Djugashvili) for example was Georgian (this is just to explain why he did not look like Russian, but not to say that all Georgians are bad or anything like that). A lot of those ethnicities are actually smarter than an average drinking Russian (contrary to what was said here). And who knows what is going to happen if you call a Chechen - "hey ruski !"
- Hey ruski, drunk again?

- Go watch some stupid Hollywood blockbuster you amerikanski pig. May loose the rest of your useless brains!


P.S. Some Russians in certain places do drink a lot. But not all. Not even 10% of population. Those who do though - drink really hard! This comes from the past. What one had to do in a remote village during a long and a very, very cold winter, if he could not even get outside? - Eat and drink what was saved during the 3 months of summer.
by ruski ruski ruski March 18, 2010
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The russian word for "russian".
it IS often used as a racist term for russians, but very few people are brave enough to use racist terminology against russians, because Russians are usually buff, and can kick the crap out of anyone.
American: "Hey Ruski! Get the fuck out of our country you commie bastard"
Russian: "Shto ti skazal, skatina?!! Now you dead!" *Russian proceeds to beat the crap out of the ignorant American*
by OlegTheGreat October 10, 2006
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Polite Definition: a person that is a russian

Other Def: If used by another person that is not a ruski, usually intention of a racial slurr.
Hey bro, we have ruski pride hey?

Yeah that ruski son of a gun communist should go back to his "motha russia"

Note: It's like nigga if russians say it to eachother, it's like Nigger if a none russian says it.
by Daniel Lobachevsky March 13, 2007
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RUSKI means russian in "russian"

in most cases used in friendly ways, because if used in a raciest or offensive way, the offender can and will get series physical and financial damage. It is known real Russians (orthodox) non-jewish are buff and tanked and can be picked out since child hood being bigger and smarter than other kids in school and street. In Russian most cases they protect each other even if the other Russian is not a part of there mafia/family, they can just help because there Russian brother needs help or is taken advantage of. In most times Russian are very protective of there kind and stick up for each other as sad " you hit me...we hit you"

every proper Russian knows the word respect and knows the true meaning of it, and its not money! respect your father and mother, and other old people, females (it is sad all man have a mother or a sister etc. and they have to treat the female the way they would want there sister or mother to be tread)

RUSKI is a new slang to call a Russian in his oun language
u can use it in friendly ways like:
- hey hey my Ruski brother!!!!!

- dont fuck around with that Ruski!!! i heard about his family !!

- GO RUSKI'S!!!!!

- i love you Ruski accent ;)

by rusk1 February 14, 2008
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A racist word for Russians; Anyone with a Russian sounding last name such as Vajanski.
Johnny: Whats that smell?
Jimmy: That my brother is Ruski!
Johnny: Ruski?
Jimmy: Yeah a smelly Russian.
by Vince Sliter December 14, 2005
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