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An acronym for CRazy Ass Shit.
Meaning something ridiculously hilarious,
nonsensical, or wtf, just happened.
"Wow that was some CRAS!"
"Geez that movie had a lot of CRAS in it!"
"Damn some CRAS went down today!"
by TWF (thewhatfuck) Monster October 30, 2011
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Child Related Absence. When one of your colleagues is off work due to some issue with their off-spring.
"Hey John, where's Steve today ?"


"Again ? His children have more illnesses than a medical dictionary."
by Whiteowl123 November 17, 2009
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Coffee Related Aggression, what happens when people are suffering from caffeine withdrawal. Similar to Road Rage.
I was almost a victim of CRA, this woman in an S.U.V. almost smashed into me trying to beat me to the coffee drive thru.

That mas has serious CRA, it's not ok to yell at the barrista just because you coffee order is wrong.
by Tracy Bohren September 02, 2008
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Acronym: Credit Reporting Agency. Can also refer to plural (CRAs)
Lisa: Those CRAs are driving me crazy, I can't even get a loan. What's worse half of it is wrong! I will have to CMRRR everything.
by lunard January 19, 2009
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A sexy fucking bastard that has no idea how much he is loved in the world but at the same time tries hard to give people reasons to not like him such as try harding at everything he does.
"That guy is being such a Cra...but for some reason I really like him..."
by Robthejew72 November 03, 2018
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