Look at Teddy's dog! He's being a bit cra cra.
Bro chill out, stop being so cra cra.
by zeroxzai July 19, 2021
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a shortened word meaning crazy; development of this word evolved from shortening the word crazy by using only the first three letters twice. works with retard also (re re) which originated from Asif!
you are sooo cra cra!
by NadalP August 10, 2006
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used in place of any other noun in refrence to your genital area
you are a stick in a cra-cra; don't come in or you'll see my cra-cra
by Juliet Huntsburger August 2, 2003
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A slang term for going crazy. Usally used by women who don't agree with another person's actions.
Mmmm, girl! That girl over there is going cra-cra if she thinks she can wear that dress out in public!
by Cobalt257 January 6, 2016
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