An ironically retarded way to refer to someone as being or acting retarded.
Hey man, look at that re re over there spinning around in circles!
by cool4dude April 28, 2005
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someone who is retard, or acting retarded
Jessika, you're such a re re.
Hey! Don't be a re re.
by idk October 28, 2004
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An Asian male known as Richard Jia, most commonly referred to as Chard. The most common way to identify a Chard is to listen to its natural sounds of whining about its wrists from lifting weights wrong, as well as its natural inclination of being gheeey. When encountering the Chard, be careful not to scare it, especially since seeing the little one out of its natural mancave habitat is rare. The scientific name for the Chard is Re-Chard Poopdick Jiamsoghey - also known as the re re.
Aww, look at the little re re.
by yo momma soooo phat March 07, 2013
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a REtard REject. So stupid even the retards would reject you!
Oh Karissa you look like such a re re when you talk like that.
by Chanica July 29, 2006
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a gang in rochester nh thats made up to make fun of all the fake fagget ass bitches in what they call gangs
the re re gang members aare Marcus Roncole, brandon dexter, dylan williams, devin webber, timmy welch FUCK FAKE ASS GANGS IN ROCHESTER
by OR(original REtard) MR November 05, 2009
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Shorter form of the insult "Retarded Retard".
Used mainly by Clerks fans.
No honestly, it looks like it was put together by a Re-Re!
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