Cristiano Ronaldo 7. Cristiano : First Name. Ronaldo : Last Name. 7 : Jersey number.
CR7 scores!
by 25IMF June 23, 2019
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by Nfrost is a nigg- March 23, 2022
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C Ronaldo. One of the top soccer performers in the world (behind Messi). All people that are assoicated with Portugal love him and want him. Great ball control but dives 10 times a game. Great competitor and athlete but has been known to cry when he loses. CR7 style can also be the name of a haircut.
Brent will never play soccer like CR7.
Andre once got a CR7 haircut but is still hairy.
by Chad's Small Johnson August 22, 2009
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Stands for CumRag7
You ever use CR7 after finished fapping
by Kraegen November 14, 2019
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Cristiano Ronaldo ( Cr7) is the best player ever and Greatest footballer of all time
by Leonel messi March 26, 2021
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"cr7 is better" actually stats show that messi is clear
by messisoclearlol August 4, 2021
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