A extremely athletic and talented person, a great friend and a all round amazing person. He is also a godly kisser and has the sexiest body you will ever see
Girl: whoa that guy is a sexy beast
Girl 2: sounds like a Cristiano
by No one is here... September 28, 2018
Cristiano often refers to a really sexy guy with a monster dick and any girl would be lucky to ride that rollercoaster
Girl #1: He is super sexy I should go talk to him.

Girl #2: Good luck he looks like a Cristiano
by Crissssy August 9, 2018
A man who is honest, loyal, faithful, full of life and always true to their significant other. Creative and extremely handsome, smart, and knows what he wants; knows how to set his goals, including having a great soul that any person would be lucky to be with.
Girl 1: I met this amazing guy who is very creative and impresses on how smart he is.
Girl 2: Really! He sounds like a Cristiano to me.
by Moon_goddess June 16, 2014
a fat gaybo who spends all day n fortnite and doesnt take showers
1;wow hes so weird
2;he must be a cristiano!
by john242525 May 16, 2018
An honest Madrid fan who’s the face of Ronaldo FC. Often admits Messi’s the undisputed goat in his honest tweets
A: *reads peak’s tweet* My idol is finished and Messi’s the goat

B: As you can see Cristiano Peak’s tweets are very honest, he’s an honest Madrid fan.
by Rtfgjnn October 5, 2021
Cristiano Ronaldo is the next player to make the number 7 shirt famous, just as King Eric did in the 90's, Ronaldo will do it in the 00's.
Millwall Cup Final and that cross - need I say more
by Mike August 23, 2004