A extremely athletic and talented person, a great friend and a all round amazing person. He is also a godly kisser and has the sexiest body you will ever see
Girl: whoa that guy is a sexy beast
Girl 2: sounds like a Cristiano
by No one is here... September 28, 2018
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Cristiano often refers to a really sexy guy with a monster dick and any girl would be lucky to ride that rollercoaster
Girl #1: He is super sexy I should go talk to him.

Girl #2: Good luck he looks like a Cristiano
by Crissssy August 9, 2018
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A man who is honest, loyal, faithful, full of life and always true to their significant other. Creative and extremely handsome, smart, and knows what he wants; knows how to set his goals, including having a great soul that any person would be lucky to be with.
Girl 1: I met this amazing guy who is very creative and impresses on how smart he is.
Girl 2: Really! He sounds like a Cristiano to me.
by Moon_goddess June 16, 2014
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a fat gaybo who spends all day n fortnite and doesnt take showers
1;wow hes so weird
2;he must be a cristiano!
by john242525 May 16, 2018
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An honest Madrid fan who’s the face of Ronaldo FC. Often admits Messi’s the undisputed goat in his honest tweets
A: *reads peak’s tweet* My idol is finished and Messi’s the goat

B: As you can see Cristiano Peak’s tweets are very honest, he’s an honest Madrid fan.
by Rtfgjnn October 5, 2021
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The greatest footballer player of all time, most commonly known as CR7 because he wears the number 7 shirt. The Portugese left wingere plays for Real Madrid the Spanish football club. About 31 years old and he still performs very well. He can be a bit of a crybaby sometimes and he is very arrogant but overall he is very good. And he has finally beaten the Argentinian right winger Lionel Messi in being the BEST PLAYER EVER!!!!
Is that Cristiano Ronaldo, I think it is, he shoots AND HE SCORES!! What a goal from the Portuges legend Ronaldo
by 442oonsFan February 13, 2017
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