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A really attractive guy. A guy who get's more girls than seemingly possible by his looks.
by juan December 16, 2003
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Short for Corduroy Shorts, usually cut off in a short shorts fasion. Derived from the term Jorts for Jean Shorts.
Yo Audio Science those Corts are Supreme!
by Audio Science/ Kc February 04, 2009
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The epitome of the American male. Cort(s) generally make their path through history and are easily noticed by the number of "mud holes" stomped in people's buttock area. Cort originated in the fall of 2002. Named after a badass Ranger from the City of Bastok. He continues to stomp mud holes every chance he gets.
See the Cort, feel the shine.
by CortRagnarok June 06, 2006
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Also known as Cortney. A girl who's parents wanted her name to be unique by spelling it differently from other courtney's. Most cort's are sexy, goofy, smart, outgoing, and yet lack common sense.
Man, did you see Cort last night? She got drunk off her ass and hit her head on the door.
by flea baby November 24, 2006
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An upcoming white rapper. Said to be the next Shady from many sourses. Easily the best rapper in Metro-Detroit for his age group.
Come on cuz we gotta go to the store to get Cort's new album!
by Usher Raymond April 29, 2005
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