A girl that's slept around a lot, also known as a slapper..
That Irene, she's like a pet shop, i bet she's had a cockatoo (cock or two) in her time...
by Broomster June 24, 2003
Absolutely INCREDIBLE two-person band, as energetic and beautiful as always.

Give Neil and Chris a medal.
Beauty is "I'm Not Scared", energy is "Yesterday, When I Was Mad".
by Binky The Doormat January 15, 2004
1.) A toy line from Hasbro, see Littlest Pet Shop.
2.) An amazingly cute and entertaining animated T.V. show (based off the toy line) that aired from 2012-2016. The show is centered around an aspiring fashion designer named Blythe Baxter who obtains the ability to communicate with animals in the Littlest Pet Shop Day Camp.
"I see you collect Littlest Pet Shop toys. Have you seen the animated show?"
"Yep! I love it! (Almost as much as MLP.) Sugar Sprinkles is my favorite pet!"
"I like Sunil best. Too bad Hasbro is terrible with show-accurate toys."
by meluvcheese22 June 13, 2016
New Wave group originating in the early 80's and continuing on to present day that consists of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. These men are amazing, their music is amazing, and everyone on earth should know who they are.
Whoa, that Pet Shop Boys song, "(How Can You Expect to Be Taken) Seriously", is the best!
by Hey Now! January 9, 2004
World's most successful Electric duo, famous for making thoughtful and emotional Dance music that proves itself superior to any other Dance artist's materials. They are also producers that boosted several other major artists' careers, including Dusty Springfield, Liza Minelli, Kylie Minogue, David Bowie, Boy George and Yoko Ono. Pet Shop Boys are also remarkable for being one of the first people to notice Lady Gaga's capability as they were the first artist to invite her for an award performance in 2009 during her "Just Dance" era.
A: My God that song last night at Club Heaven got me thinking while dancing!!
B: It's Pet Shop Boys' again, isn't it?
by glamourbot October 16, 2011
Postmodern ironists cloaked behind a veil of buoyantly melodic and lushly romantic synthpop confections.
These lyrics are actually intelligent. It must be Pet Shop Boys.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd October 28, 2013
A toy used to be collected or played with. It is a good toy if you are young but it is strange if you still play with them instead of collecting them when you are older. They mostly look like girls and are mainly played with by girls.
Girl: I just got a new Littlest Pet Shop!
Other Girl: Me too!
Both Girls: Yayyyy
by StuffedSheep February 13, 2012