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A term derived from the Shakespearean play used to describe somebody in a powerful situation expected to deliver a great performance such as a play or a presentation. It is typically used as motivation.

Often preceded by "Get 'em."
person A) "It's my turn to present."
person B) "Get 'em MacBeth!"

person A) "Wish me luck."
person B) "You can do it man, get 'em MacBeth!"
by balbir January 22, 2008
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simply, more horrible

the slang term is used especially to add importance to the thought that the subject is more horrible, or as a slip of tongue when changing the adverb to a comparative adjective.
"That girl looked way horriblier than normal today."

"My ex sucked, he kissed way horriblier than you."

"When I crashed my car into the tree, it was horriblier than the time I fell of my tricycle when I was 3."
by balbir January 22, 2008
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A slang term for a mother, often used to annoy one's mother.
"Hey momther, can I have some milk?"
by balbir September 20, 2007
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A verb used to describe the intention of getting a teenage girl pregnant.
"Dude, that chick is so attractive, I want to juno her."
"I want to be with her all my life, maybe if I juno her."
"Can I juno you?"
by balbir January 12, 2008
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liquid courage;

An initialism often used as a noun to describe someone who needs liquid courage to have any wheels, or to make move on any girl.
"He's obviously into Rebecca, we need to help his wheels, so let's order some shots for LC."

"Of course your date went sour, you should have ordered some wine, you're such an LC."

"Louis has some pretty awesome stories about having sex with girls but he's shit at talking to girls in real life, we all know he's a classic case of LC."
by balbir December 06, 2011
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a verb implying one was joking or joshing about the previous statement, usually said when you were messing with someone's mind.
"Dude, that's girl totally into you." "Really?" "Naw.. I'm just boshing ya."

"Did you study for the big test today?" "What!? We've got a test?" "Serious, not even boshing man."
by balbir January 22, 2008
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what you say when someone gets told, usually used in reference when a girl does something stupid.
"pat, i just made out with your sister, feel it!"

you just fucked taras and got a STD, feel it!
by balbir December 12, 2009
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