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Short term for the chess piece bishop. Often used as part of an exclamation for a bishop sacrifice.
An onlooker surprised by a bishop sacrifice may exclaim,
"You gave him your 'shop!?"
by balbir September 21, 2007
a verb implying one was joking or joshing about the previous statement, usually said when you were messing with someone's mind.
"Dude, that's girl totally into you." "Really?" "Naw.. I'm just boshing ya."

"Did you study for the big test today?" "What!? We've got a test?" "Serious, not even boshing man."
by balbir January 22, 2008
Used as a quick retort or reply when somebody mentions something you know they know nothing about.
"I saw Jen the other day."
"Whatcha know about Jen?"

"Did you do the math homework last night?
"Whatcha know about factorization?"

"We saw Gorillas in the Mist the other day."
"Whatcha know about bathing apes?"
by balbir September 21, 2007
Short form for cum goggles, or specifically referring to dark thick rimmed glasses with large frames, such as those often worn by hipsters or blonde girls with large faces.

If questioned by the wearer of CGs on what the acronym stands for, they refer to cool glasses. This results in hilarious moments when they self-refer to their glasses as CGs.
"Your shitty feminist ex had the biggest CGs, did you ever bust your load on them"

"Hey buddy, did you just call my new hip glasses CGs?" "Yeah man, cool glasses!"
by balbir October 24, 2013
Stands for "suck my pussy," derived from one of Sophitia's special grab move in Soul Calibur III, where she takes her opponent's head, puts it between her legs and jumps on the ground jamming her crotch in their face at high velocity. First stated by an intense brown gamer when he was losing in frustration to a stupid white guy, where he rejoiced "suck my pussy" when he won.

Now, SMP is used as the short form, synonymous to Feel It.
Want to face me in Soul Calibur? Get ready to Suck My Pussy!

While I was wrestling Michael, I SMPed that bitch.
by balbir December 16, 2009
A slang term for a mother, often used to annoy one's mother.
"Hey momther, can I have some milk?"
by balbir September 21, 2007
when a situation is particularly inferior, or is not suitable. used as a one word expression
A) Those two broke up.
B) "Tough."

A) We've got a quiz today
B) Tough
by balbir September 21, 2007