CAPSLOCK is cruise control for COOL.
rule 32: even with cruise control, you still have to steer.
by kendellkendellkendell November 23, 2007
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The key on your keyboard bellow tab (usually). A favourite among AOL users and outwar fans. If CAPSLOCK is on all your letters will be capitols.
by Jim April 16, 2004
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CAPITAL LETTERS on a computer screen which upsets people
for no real reason.
PS I wasn't even allowed to write the def in caps HAHA, I did try though.
Netguy111; HI HOW YOU GOIN????

Netguy222; Turn off the capslock, you d...weed loser, f...head!!They are very offensive, you ?)_*&^^%SHiTT!!

Netguy111: SORRY

Netguy222; Turn 'em off, you mongrel @#$%$^&*&head!!!!!Or I'll kill ya! AHhhhhhAAAAA,
my eyes!!!!!!!I'm bliiiinndd
Son of a ^&%^$^%$...

Netguy111; Wow...I'm so sorry...
by LINDAR May 27, 2006
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To be over-stated, gaudy, flashy or loud about something.
I really like this pink Hello Kitty microwave, but I don't wan't to be all capslock about my love for her.
by StillAlicia August 9, 2011
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Man, that store charged me $20 instead of the advertised $15, and I didn't check the receipt until I got home. I'm so capslock right now!
by c-gabe November 21, 2009
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Its when people use the Caps lock wantingly quite often between words just to show off. This rather looks disgusting to the readers. The main cause is a dismantled brain and the malfunction still doesn't have a proper solution.
Jack : So how was your day Phil?
Phil : I ReaLly hAd a GreAt DaY JacK
Jack : Stop that style Phil. It rather looks like a Capslock Malfunction right there.
by awesomeasfuck January 7, 2014
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1) Generation of Angsty, Emo Teenagers

2) Needless yelling.

3) Yelling and Complaining all the time.

In reference to Book 5:Order of the Phoenix of Harry Potter Series;In which Harry is angsty for nearly the whole book, and needless screams at friends or superiors in almost every volume.
SAMPLE 1: Capslock Harry will be the definition for the youth of today.


Person1: Hey, quit it with the Capslock Harry, I'm on your side.
Person2: Sorry, pms.
by erisdoll June 9, 2009
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