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A Japanese cartoon cat that has morphed into a cult of millions of vain fans, who would line up for hours to buy the latest collectibles depicting the mascot.
Like the Playboy Bunny, the Hello Kitty merchandise has only got more intimate over time: from T-shirts and socks to bras and panties—who says that a cute cat has no secret desires?
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by MathPlus January 31, 2017
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n. A Japanese psychological mass-casualty weapon, developed by scientists at the Sanrio Corporation; unleashed upon humanity in 1974 with the goal of subjugating the planet under Japanese imperial rule.

Nobody knows how Hello Kitty works, but there is no denying the tragic consequences of its use: millions of fad-crazed zombies (the "Wapanese") now trod the earth, their rational faculties obliterated by an overpowering instinct to embrace Japanese pop culture. Furthermore, they sap the economies of the Western nations by purchasing boundless amounts of worthless Japanese kitsch. With proof of the Kitty's efficacy, the Japanese have subsequently deployed even more potent mind-control weapons, including Pokemon and Dragonball Z.

Doctors warn that even low-level exposure to Hello Kitty may cause a perfectly sound mind to crack. Anyone who accidently catches sight of this Kitty (an anthropomorphic cat having a hairbow and no mouth) is advised to seek psychotherapy at once and to report the sighting to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for immediate liquidation.
"The people of the United States have already formed their opinions regarding Hello Kitty, and well understand the implication to the very life and safety of our nation."
by Carl Willis January 12, 2005
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An extremely popular cartoon cat in Japan, made by the Sanrio corporation, which appears on a wide variety of toys and consumer products. Also used to refer to the other cartoon characters which inhabit the same "world" as the cat.
I saw a new Hello Kitty plush doll the other day, and it was so adorable.
by Anonymous September 02, 2003
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A cartoon cat made by the Japanese company Sanrio. She is not satanic, she is not trying to take over the world. She is just a cute little cartoon cat.
Hello Kitty is a cute cartoon cat.
by weirdo44 August 30, 2008
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A popular Japanese character that helps delay the process of sexual discovery in pubescent girls.
At fourteen, my daughter is constantly playing with her dolls.
Better Hello Kitty than Hello Pussy!
by Mastiboy November 30, 2006
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Standard call for rapists before striking. Also used to express desire or simply to fill silences. Common among youths of rural Wales.

Feminine tense: Hello Kitten
Common northern version: Ay-up fluffy whiskers
Teacher: "One more word out of any of you and you'll all have detention!"
Legend: "Hello kitty."

Fit girl walks past
Male: "Hello Kitty..."

Male takes of shirt in gym
Woman: "Hello kitten..."

Young woman out jogging. Male jumps out in front of her. Tense pause. He smiles.
"Hello Kitty."
by dyslexic-chyc December 19, 2010
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