22 definitions by LINDAR

redheaded actress, starred in the parent trap, freaky friday and mean girls
lindsey lohan should stop doing bad marilyn poses
yes my def does use lindsay lohan in a sentence actually.oh ok fine whatever im tired
by LINDAR May 29, 2006
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a heartless and conniving type of cruelty with intentions to destroy
She has an evil sister
by LINDAR May 28, 2006
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someone who has 2 names in case she forgets one of them
Anna Nicole Smith went totally wacko at the MTV awards
and even started stripping
by LINDAR June 2, 2006
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nice, pleasant, endearing, likable, non-threatening
They adore her because she is sweet.
by LINDAR May 28, 2006
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the guy who empties his chemical toilet into your front yard
Look at that guy emptying his chemical toilet into my frontyard.
He must be a redneck
by LINDAR May 29, 2006
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