the act of getting so offended by something as to the point of excess.
man, that guy was all butt-hurt when you took the last slice of pizza.
by joe pawski June 15, 2004
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Excessively and dramatically indignant.

Imagine that you have half-heartedly kicked some deserving party in the pants, and he is now acting as if he were mortally wounded. Then imagine the equivalent behavior in response to a verbal kick in the pants.
"My mom left me ten voicemails in one hour, so I asked her just what the big fucking emergency was. And she got butt-hurt because I used a dirty word!"
by Qit el-Remel March 24, 2008
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its like being mad about something dumb and making it a big deal
Don't get all butt-hurt about it snowing!!!
by Horney Lopez December 17, 2007
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When a person is offended, mad, upset, pissed off, hurt, etc... for something you said or did.
* She got all butthurt because we didnt invite her to go shopping with us.

* When I had to cancel our date at the last minute, my boyfriend got all butthurt about it!
by sxc_biotch July 10, 2008
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Something you call people to ridicule them after you offend them because you're an asshole.
Troll123troll: fags r dum lol
Regular person: You're an idiot.
Troll123troll: lol u r butthurt fag
by Somethree January 24, 2016
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a person who is highly sensitive over minor things
-usually affects a boy who is trying to compensate for his shortcomings
Addison was pretty butthurt today, his friend didn't say bye to him after school.
by AirJordan1234567 May 23, 2008
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(v) - The act of whining when someone hurts someone else's feelings, usually by taking strides to be excessively vocal about it, mainly in public.
Oh you are so wrong, like, oh my gawd. What the eff is wrong with you? Were you like, born somewhere else or something? Seriously, like, who the fuck are you to come in here and be like that. Yeah. For Reals. Quit being butthurt and take a chill pill.
by Phaeton Brutalis September 16, 2010
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