Butthurt is that special feeling in your ass after it's been kicked and/or fucked. It is a common ailment amongst losers on the internet. It is usually characterized by noisy whining and complaining after being pwnt or otherwise outdone in any minute and insignificant way. It was invented at least 100 years ago by Vlad the Impaler when he went crazy from living in a time without the internets. Today, butthurt occurs most commonly when you fall asleep with your friends and they, being your friends, decide it would be funny to sodomize you. Butthurt is also a primary generator of lulz on the internets and has produced many lolcows.
Look at that stupid faggot...what a butthurt.
by tytheguy February 1, 2011
Something that dumb britfags say when they're feelings get hurt.
Huurrr durr y u so butthurt? I must be a comedic genius for saying that because I'm fucking British and don't give a shit.
by flytallerkin September 13, 2012
adj.A feeling described by the action taken when one feels sorry for oneself. Feeling of self-pity.
After being chewed out by the coach for my stupid mistake, I was feeling butthurt. No one else felt sorry for me.
by Mel Roberts October 27, 2007
when someone becomes so upset over being trolled in a facebook group that they leave a dramatic post...on how the group is a bunch of jerk and they're leaving it.
Dude, Somebody got butthurt in Fish junkies again

Cool, I'll check it out
by J1976 August 28, 2015
When someone gets overly angered. Over reacting and becoming angry over a joke or situation.
Nathan didn't know what butthurt was and was butthurt about it
by Chris3232 September 13, 2014
Term that is incessantly used by absurd individuals who have nothing better to do than go against others who express their ideas by commenting on Internet videos, pictures, blogs...etc that have gone viral.
I am defending someone who posted an idea that had a bad reaction and because I am unintelligent, I will continually say all those who react negatively to the post are "butthurt" because I am a douche bag.
by Lilaevataylor March 28, 2016
Whenever someone gets so hurt by something that it cannot be defined as a regular persons pain but similar to a gay guys hurt the first time intercourse is made!
oh my gosh it wasnt even mean, dont get butthurt!
by tori dudley July 11, 2008