An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the "aggressor."
by samuelisabitch February 13, 2017
The burning sensation in the anus after homosexual intercourse
Wow, that was great, but now I'm feeling a little butthurt
by HeathHeath July 16, 2008
Taking things way to literally and being sore about the dumbest of topics and or a little bitch. Therefore getting in the way of processing a thought so simple. Not being able to handle the truth.
Ahmed became extremely butthurt when he found out he was too greasy to date Livy. So he cried like a bitch for the rest of the day.
by E-money101 September 11, 2015
1. A strong, innappropriate response to a comment or statement if it is wrong or offensive to others.
2. It can be a butthurt comment or a feeling or just a way of describing someone.
They are usually written by stupid people so have bad grammar/spelling too.
-Innocent person: "At high pressure peanut butter can be turned into real diamonds!
Butthurt Person: "Noa They Fajkcing camt u peicea ov shiat!!!11!!!!1!"*
-"I feel really Butthurt!" -"Justin is so butthurt" -"Please don't be Butthurt if I get something wrong."
*translation for proper people: "No They Fucking Can't You Piece Of Shit!!!"
by PonySlaystation December 29, 2015
When your girly little feelings have been so hurt it's like you were rammed in the bummage for a few days.. there's weeping and tissues involved - it's the epitomy of hurt.
Ya know, butthurt.
Sniff sniff "My BFF Karen cock blocked me with Danny, I thought me n Kaz were mates... I'm utterly butthurt"
by fanga-tastic October 13, 2015
Being a baby because someone hurt you. Usually a social justice warrior. They stink.

I created this definition for a paper i'm writing.
Just because I'm using facts don't mean you can insult me. Stop being butthurt.
by ReyRae December 3, 2016
Butthurt: (But-hert) Noun. Getting your arse served to you along with the trimmings after dying to gankers, resulting in a bitch-fest on a social media website and disregarding the fact that the game laughs and mocks anything fair.
Example of Butthurt: "This totally #%*+ing stupid. Those f#**$?s can't take me one on one. I wonder what everyone else that plays this game thinks of this unfair injustice"
by RapeTrainHazNoBrakes February 8, 2014