When you or someone gets really angry over nothing.
My friend got butthurt for missing a shot in call of duty.
by Malkai August 24, 2017
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When someone takes a joke to heart and is very offended over something that is not a big deal.
Anthony and Austin are playing a game and Anthony beats Austin. Austin then gets angry and leaves the party because he is butthurt
by ChefPeePee December 14, 2017
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getting your feelings hurt, or getting all bent out of shape.
He got all butt hurt when she wouldnt give him a ride.
by jude-e December 04, 2001
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easily offended when one takes something too personally
jenny tries to hide her low self-esteem by being cocky. when joe tells her she's ugly, jenny gets BUTT HURT
by bobbette December 23, 2003
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A word used only when one has nothing intellectual or factual to say in an online debate, and therefore resort to the use of the word to downplay another person's argument to compensate for the lack of one's own.
- "Dude, you can dislike LeBron James, but there's no denying that he's been carrying the Cavaliers all throughout these NBA finals. The game of basketball is no one-man show; his team needs to step up to the plate if they want to win."

- "Oh, look, a butthurt LeBron James fan."

- "Oh, look, another ignoramus on the internet who has to resort to using the word "butthurt" to compensate for the fact that he nothing smart to say. Congratulations on proving I'm only smarter than you are."
by EDVERSiTY June 14, 2015
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when somebody like a troll for example wants to sound like it's not that big of a deal just because he doesn't want to be acccused for doing something horrible he'll call his victim this word as an excuse for his offenses
troll: wow you're really butthurt over 9/11? people died so what lol u mad? i know you are because you can't say that calmly
by DankWeed420 May 15, 2016
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ButtHurt is a street slang word pertaining to and / or.
He want to get with her but now he is ButtHurt.

Meaningshe just dist him off.
Hey sweetie wanna get bizzy?

Well fuck you numbnuts.
He is now ButtHurt at the rejection.
by ReFuckTard August 31, 2019
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