The person who tries to spit game or get with somebody for a potential relationship or a one night stand. This person must do everything just right, and if he/she messes up one time they probably won't get anything.

Being a successful aggressor takes practice, because you never know exactly what the other person wants you to say. Just be yourself but also very smooth and things should work out but if they don't then you know one of 2 things

1. Your approach was bad, he/she did not like it, and thinks that defines exactly who you are which they aren't looking for.

2. They aren't in the mood or situation to be talking with guys/girls on that level. They might have a boyfriend/girlfriend and be very committed OR just ain't tryna talk bout that right quick
Paul: Dude, check out Andy!
Simon: Is he hitting on Mahlia?
Paul: Yea she's super fine and got a good ass to waist ratio he's got balls for that
Simon: I hope he's a good aggressor, you don't wanna mess up with girls like her
by Optical_Epilepsy May 27, 2010
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A word used by radical feminists and “all men are trash” advocates, mainly on Twitter, to describe pretty much any men who approach women, but in a more forceful way, as if they’re predators. it is overused to the point however that it’s used pretty much in place to describe any men who approach women in general.
*at a club*
Girl: I had to get away from that guy I won’t liking him a lot and he’ was being pushy
Guy: I was seeing him talk to you the whole time he didn’t seem like a creep
Girl: he asked me for my number but I told him my phone was out of service and he asked me for my Snapchat! He left after that. What an aggressor
Guy: bruh you’re reaching
by thedomobud May 5, 2018
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Nickname of legendary hockey tough guy Tie Domi (see)
In this corner, from Windsor, Ontario, weighing 186 pounds, Tie...the Albanian Aggressor...DOE-MEE! And in that corner, also hailing from Windsor, Ontario, weighing in at 221 pounds, the National Hockey League heavyweight champion, Bad...Bob...PRO-BERT!
by Woody Thomas January 8, 2006
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An aggressor is a country or a person who attacks first and initiates a war or a fight.
England has been the aggressor many times throughout history.

In the principal's office, Alex claimed that he was defending himself from the aggressor.
by sunboyman December 15, 2019
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