A personal insult is a negative remark made about a person, usually made in a demeaning tone of voice, or when written, the remark is made using what are generally considered to be negative words, and the remark is personal in that it is directed at a person's character, personality, or individual traits, and it is meant to invalidate that person's feelings or opinions, and/or to make that person feel bad about themselves. The person's feelings or opinions are not disputed with logic or knowledge or facts. Rather, the person making the insult believes that by finding fault with your character, personality, or other individual traits, that they are then justified in dismissing your feelings and your opinions. In making the negative remark, they believe that they are effectively invalidating your right to express yourself, and/or they are purposely attacking your feeling of self-worth.
A non personal insult - "I don't like that dress that you are wearing."
A personal insult - "Wow. That awful dress that you are wearing - what bad taste you have!"

A non personal insult - "Well, you are entitled to your opinion, even though it is wrong!"
A personal insult - "Your opinion is not only wrong, but you are obviously a stupid moron who is too dumb to have an informed opinion, and so you should just shut up!"
by eighthdaygal April 14, 2014
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