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When someone is mad or throwing a temper tantrum because of a joke or something trivial. DISCLAIMER: Being butthurt does not mean someone who is mad after someone relentlessly bullying someone. Look up the definitions for Schrodinger's douche bag.
Bill was butthurt after I said that that his sideburns were uneven.
by FuckYouAndy March 25, 2020
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A Romanian AK variant that is often confused with the AKS74U. Classified by the US Government as a pistol due to 12.5 inch barrel. Often mentioned by rappers and gangsters, who often incorrectly call all AK variants a Draco.
Gangster 1: Oh foo, those muther fuggin crips clipped by lowrida.
Gangster 2: Don worry Tyrone, I finna get my Draco and pop those mofos.
by FuckYouAndy April 6, 2020
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