3 definitions by Somethree

Something you call people to ridicule them after you offend them because you're an asshole.
Troll123troll: fags r dum lol
Regular person: You're an idiot.
Troll123troll: lol u r butthurt fag
by Somethree January 24, 2016
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A word fuckboys made up because they were butthurt about the word "fuckboy".
Girl: You slept with me even though you have a girlfriend!? I didn't know you were such a fuckboy!
Fuckboy: Oh yeah? Well! You're a... a fuckgirl!!
by Somethree March 16, 2017
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flushing toilet right after a turd hits the water as to not stink up the bathroom for the next person
hurry up I gotta take a dump, and how about a complementary flush
by Somethree May 10, 2013
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