verb: To take a prolonged and foul smelling shit in the in-flight restroom on an airline
noun: A smelly shit taken while occupying the airline restroom for an inordinate period of time
He couldn't hold it until landing and dropped a nasty Burleson in first class.
by Squid Lips June 12, 2019
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Hick cesspool, in which everyone is related to Kelly Clarkson. An active breeding ground for racial prejudice and ignorance.
where are you from?
where are your white sheets and burning cross?
by cathycrawdad December 30, 2011
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also known as a burleson badass, burly or the burleson. someone who drives a would be muscle car if it were not a v6. must also have bleached tips, listen to his music as loud as possible like he would in high school and talk about high school like he was actually well liked. must act like a bad ass at all times with no exceptions, no matter what, for any reason. must also act like he is bigger than everyone, act like he makes more money than everyone despite being broke from his alcolism and drug addictions, act like he gets more girls than everyone and act like he is better than everyone. also, must act like being called a burleson or any variation is a compliment even though he is being made fun of.
burly, don't be a burleson.
i have more money than you. i just don't pay my rent because i am a burleson.
by Not a burleson April 1, 2007
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A dumbass CA who drives a four wheel vehicle with too many stickers and a red flashing light.
Shit... people keep leaving our organization because of that damn burleson. I hope he has a fatal crash into a tree before more people leave.
by Anonymous August 8, 2003
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Rick Burleson is one of the best Short Stop's in Boston Red Sox history. He had a fiery temper and always went balls out. Burleson was a true ball player. He played for the Sox from 1974-1980 until some douche bag traded him to the California Angels. He won a Gold Glove in 1979 and was a 4 time All Star.
by Sean O'Leary August 31, 2007
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The #1 best father to ever exist.
Hey! Is that Dennis Burleson? The best dad ever?
by millux January 4, 2021
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A town full of cheaty, slime-y losers.
They constantly cheat to achieve their goals in athletics, yet they still cannot find success in their academics.
Scout: Where's that player from?
Bystander: Burleson, Texas
Scout: Great, so he cheats and is dumb, I don't want him on my team
by BurlesonSucks February 1, 2018
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