someone who leaves an item in your space with no compensation for long periods of time.
Jeff brought over his motorcycle and asked if he could leave it for a few days.It was here for 6 months what a space burgular
by mark wilson bulletproof April 3, 2008
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When you're forced to take a dump in a public restroom and you're just about to drop the bomb, when someone comes into the bathroom and tries to open the stall you're in! This cases the shit coming out your ass to suck back in and your meaty dump to be interrupted.
Man, I was taking a dump when this Turd Burgular came in and messed it up.
by stinky April 8, 2004
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a big raving gayboy who loves taking and receiving other peoples bum love.
ure a fucking turd burgular, go lick my brown star you fool!
by ozzy July 8, 2004
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1. The male opposite of a womens Camel toe. When a Mans Trousers are above the waist line thus strangling there testicles and is obvious to other people. Derived from the word scrotum burglar and is largely used in the Jamaican community in London.
Alfie: Hey man you have a Scrot burgular man!!

Alex: Oh hey i do man its because these leather spandexs are way too small for me!!!
by loseronstrike September 6, 2010
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Someone who sneaks up in the middle of the night to suck your cock while you sleep.
Jane: Jim, why do you look so drained?

Jim: I awoke last night to find a sperm burgular sucking my dick.
by Spooky is Back September 26, 2006
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One who is a theive in the world of turds. He or she may rob the innocent of their stool. This thing may be obsessive of waste products and is fascinated by the pooping process.
"Hey, that turd burgular stole my stool!"
by Jordan January 4, 2004
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