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To Burch, Burching, Burcher;

To totally suck the life out of a party or joke, or to even complain about something glorious that has happened to you.
Example 1:

"Man my wedges are ready way to quickly"
"man stop Burching"

Example 2:
"wow this is the best party i have ever been too"
"The music is a bit loud"
"why must you burch"

Example 3:
"OMG I got a free nugget, someone better get fired for this, it is a complete waste of product"
"you are such a burcher"
by Nayff June 04, 2014
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1. To be utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless
2. To be reckless of danger.
Oh my god man I was burching so hard last night.

I was such a Burch last night and (gerned) my face off.

I was burching when I hit that old lady in the face.

That was some burching bakkie driving I was doing last night
by JarynRingo June 10, 2013
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