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n. Derogatory nick-name for the Ohio State Correctional System Work Release Program, also known as the Cincinnati Bengals. The origin of "Da Bungles" is generally attributed to the late Pittsburgh sportscaster and Steelers color analyst Myron Cope.
Yoi and Double Yoi! Troy just trucked Palmer t' score on that pick! Y'know sumpin' Bill, it's kinda embarrasin' t' watch dem Bungles sometimes. - Myron Cope, to Bill Hillgrove.
by Dan Weyandt September 17, 2010
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(verb). To bungle is to tickle the area between one's anus and scrotal sack (i.e. "gooch").
I bungled Gabe several times that night, none of which he was aware of.
by Mr. 210 January 04, 2007
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A person who is foolish, inept or clumsy. Derived from a rather camp bear character on children's show 'Rainbow' who was forever making mistakes and being embarassed.
You are such a bungle.

I felt like a right bungle.
by Mr S June 04, 2004
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a misspelling of bulge, used ironically.

mostly used for nonsense

use it when you want to
Me: uwu lemme bungle you!!! N Y A H
by CharlotteDrawws April 24, 2019
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Contraction for "butt jungle" - a situation of wildly unkempt butt-crack hair.
Damn, Becky, you need to shave that bungle you got, or you'll never land a man.
by BunglingIdiot March 23, 2014
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(verb) to cock something up, to make a bad job of it, to complete a task incompetently.
The plumber bungled the cistern repair. Now it's raining through the ceiling.
by Alarick September 06, 2006
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A bum jungle... other wise known as a hairy anus .
Sophie shave your bungle! She had a bit of a bungle. Did you see her bungle?
by kazzcass January 24, 2012
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