The act of poor peformance usually resulting in failure.
Playing Football:

(Guy 1's ball goes high over the crossbar)

Guy 1: Yeah yeah, did you see my wicked shot then.

Guy 2: What you on about?, you bungled it.
by Talos August 14, 2005
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To be constantly hounded by someone, usually in a working environment.
Head Accountant: Have you done the work i've asked you to do yet?

Accountant: You asked me that 5 minutes ago, and only gave me the work 6 minutes ago! GIVE ME A BREAK

Head Accountant: I think your attitude towards your work demands a private meeting... NOW.

Accountant: Don't you want this task done? I thought we were supposed to be busy?

Head Accountant: *gormless look* walks to meeting room

Accountant to colleague: I'll be back in an hour or two - I've just been Bungled again!
by Billy_G February 26, 2009
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