Person who works as a porn star is in the industry and does not want to reveal they do.
Hey whats your job?

Oh im just an accountant at this company called onlyfans
by horneygirl6969 September 1, 2020
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Someone whos obviously making more than you
Accountants can start at $60,000 with no experience
by Mr. Mofo September 26, 2005
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Someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had in way you don't understand.
See also: wizard, magician
Hello, Mr. Fabeets, this is your Accountant. I just finished your taxes and it looks like you owe the IRS about $40,000, but, if you pay me just $2,500, I can calculate some depreciation deductions that will make your entire tax go away.
by Hugo Slugg February 10, 2021
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When someone works as a stripper/adult industry but is either being censored. Or simply doesn’t wish to say it.
Mother-in-law: “What work do you do?”
Leah: “I’m an accountant
by Mysterious person! Dun! Dun! February 13, 2021
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An incredibly clever person who earns too much money each year
After 5 or more years, the average annual salary for a chartered accountant in business rises to £90,200, with an average yearly bonus of £20,600.
by Envious Broke Teen December 5, 2017
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An extremely dull person, devoid of all personality. Stereotypically will wear a grey suit, drive a grey car and have grey skin. All accountants are balding by 25 years of age and have repulsive coffee breath. Spending a day in an accountants can bring on depression in an instant.
Yeah he seemed a right accountant, reckon he must have left his personality at home.

Say something dammit, anyone would think you were an accountant, mate!
by Evil Edna June 20, 2005
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An accountants job is to ensure that the people who can afford an accountant don't pay tax.
by Mutemute December 10, 2016
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