(adj) a New Zealand term to describe something bad, dilapidated or just generally in shit condition.
Nicholas: Look at my bundy shoes, I had to walk through a sheep paddock in them.
by Erik42069 September 25, 2018
Verb,t: To plug up the toilet. The character Al Bundy, played by Ed O'Neil in the 90's sitcom "Married with Children" almost always plugged the toilet when he moved his bowels.
I'm so sorry... I've Bundy'd your toilet! Got a plunger?
by Etch July 19, 2006
When a boy gets an erection with his underwear on.
Ideally, he will send a photo of his bundy to a lady friend for sexual gains.

Origin: Boner, Undies

Plural: Bundies
Riles got a mad bundy when talking to his wannabe hoe Katie on snapchat, but when he sent her a photo he got rejected. So he sent another one.
by bigboipussypatrolslayer69 July 26, 2017
Bundy is an adjective to describle a "bloke," who may typically wear a "wife-beater," gumboots, sport an untamed beard, beer-gut and lives on a farm, likes tractors; rugby, tits, motorbikes, dogs etc. A bundy person will be thick-headed and have a deep voice with a strong southern NZ or Australian accent. Bundy people are tough fucks. May or may not own a one-eyed dog name "Tex" and crush beer cans on their head.
Pete Bigley is one bundy as cunt
by deathmetal walrus May 5, 2011
Verb - Buhn-Dee To thumb yourself in the ass. Repeatedly.
Christian Andrew Bundy did the bundy last night.
by Brittany Atkinson June 13, 2011
A crack head that can’t pronounce simple Spanish
Kid: *literally fucking dies*
by SomeDude73737 April 20, 2019
1.) a bundy is the creepiest male figure at a party, no matter what his age. The Bundy can be a person who is too "grabby" or says weird things. To name a bundy you must use part of the creepy persons name and add it before the word bundy.
1.) " When Rick started getting "handsy" with all the girls at Coach's Pub, he was designated the creepy grabber, better known as Ricky Lo Bundy."

2.) "for example Rick Loman + Bundy = Ricky Lo Bundy"
by Members of the CPC December 5, 2006