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1. Buh-un-dee-'d -verb

The act of abducting a vicious bitch of a woman using charisma and charm for the sole purpose of torture-banging her to death in the woods for a wide range of variable reasons. (See tags below.)
2. Buh-un-dee-'d -verb

Derived from the last name of the handsome, lovable serial killer Ted Bundy and his methods of serial killing of specifically the female gender only.
Ex. #1 "Yo dumbass ho! You know good & goddamn well you gonna fuck aroun' & get yo ho ass Bundy'd if yo ho ass keep fuckin' wit' me! Strait fuck around & get Bundy'd biatch!"

Ex. #2 "Why hellyeah! Hoss done went & Bundy'd him another barfly skank down at the Snake Pit again! Soon as that cum dumpster's ol' man went to piss she was uh whorin' it up in the parkin' lot with his daddy... again! Gawtdamn he Bundy'd that one good too!" Hyuk! Hyuk! Grr.."
by Warpath666 November 01, 2016
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refering to the serial killer ted bundy. litterally to be bludgeoned with a brick, taken to a field, and then raped. However, it is more commonly used in the same context as words such as pwnd and owned.
example one (litteral): "bitch, you got bundy'd!"

example two (common): "dude you were killed like 30 times on counter strike, you got bundy'd!"
by jailcellkidx July 10, 2008
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When someone sniffs handkerchief in a parking lot alone only to wake up miles away with their underwear pulled down around their ankles not knowing where they are.
Gee Susie, I don't know what happened last night. Some guy named the good honk came up to me in a parking lot and said they had a deal on some really nice handkerchiefs that smelled like fresh flowers. Next thing I woke up in a field with my underwear missing? I guess I was "Bundy'd"?
by Jimmy Jamesy March 08, 2011
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