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An African American that uses proper English, without a southern accent, and speaks in Ebonics only when surrounded by niggas.
Only TV negroes are hired as network news anchors.
by Etch July 16, 2006
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Any unusually extra large turd. Picture it: coiled three times, with a hot steamy stench rising from it.
I feel 20 pounds lighter, now that I've Bundy'd your crapper with a 3 coil steamer.
by Etch July 19, 2006
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Similar to "r and r" (rest and relaxation), represents "intercourse and intoxication"
"I'm off to my gal's place for a lil' i and i."
by Etch September 11, 2006
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Anything such as a sheet, blanket, sleeping bag, trash bag, etc., which might prevent one from contact with a soiled couch, especially on upholstery soiled with sweat, sex juices or butt smudges. Much in the same way a pillow case or a t-shirt can protect one from a filthy pillow.
"Both Cyka's aunt and Booby have had real nasty sex right there. You'll probably want to throw down a couch condom before you rest your dizzy head there."
by Etch September 9, 2006
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One's hot when the other's not. A relationship mismatched on the level of attractiveness.
Dude's totally in an interfacial marriage. Have you seen the woofer he has settled with?
by Etch May 2, 2007
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Excrement and slime resulting from mating dogs. As an insult, referring to somebody or something, existing at that social or hierarchal level.
"I can reduce you to dog fuck in about two minutes."
by Etch September 8, 2006
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To experience sickness and craving during a cold-turkey cessation of a physically addicting drug, such as heroin. This definition more commonly associated with the '70's.
Better hide her money and lock 'er up for a couple days while she's kickin' smack.
by Etch December 18, 2006
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