Bloomington, IN where Indiana Univeristy lies. Considered to be the Western East Coast, mostly because of the likeness of people to Long Island or Potomac, MD. Obsessed with Basketball and supposedly in the middle of nowwhere. Probably because it is!
Note: The term Hoosier isnt exciting at all. It simply means "a person from Indiana"...Pretty cool, huh?
by Rachel November 2, 2004
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Brampton (Ontario) - The only city in Ontario actually worth living in. Also known as browntown
I got shooters in btown - note that if a reference to the full word Brampton (Ontario) is made, it is imperative that the use be followed by stating that Brampton (Ontario) is in fact in Ontario.
by wasifahmadbutt January 24, 2019
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Another name for Brighton (and Hove) located in Sussex, UK.
When you heading back to Btown?
Day after tomorrow.
by fx501 August 1, 2010
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Also is used as a slang term for Bournemouth in Dorset or Brighton in Surrey.
I'm just going shopping in Btown
by Conceptlife June 13, 2015
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Potholes ain't stopping celebs buying expensive rides in Btown.
by raunaqss July 21, 2018
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fammm we btown ryaa ready know fam brampton we out here browntown whatya sayin?

In a nutshell, brampton has a south asian (i.e. indian, pakistani, etc...) majority demographically, and therefore is classified as browntown. However, people prefer to call it btown rather than browntown cuz it sounds cooler that way.
Person 1: yooo fam we outcha in scarbro famm wher u from?
Person 2: yooo famm we in btown yaa ready know square up we be having beef ting an shit dawwg
by yeeeeetyeet August 17, 2018
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The shittiest ski hill ever. located in byron, a suberb of london ontario canada. heance the name Btown. sick park
Person 1 : yo brah u wanna go shread Btown?
Person 2 : ye, we'll go hard
by Btown shreader June 28, 2009
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