An informal name for the anus, mostly used in the context of having anal sex with someone ("take sb. to browntown").
We'll bend you over, then we'll take you to browntown - Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny (2006)
by Amina Koyim August 10, 2011
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someone who is well known for liking it up the pooper. her anus is the size of a baseball from all the pipe she takes. farting on your dick is common, don’t be alarmed. COMMONLY REFERED TO AS JENNA CROWLEY
taylor: “hey browntown, hows it going”
jenna: “not good, just took a 7 incher in the ass”
by tmacwiththesauce November 24, 2018
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Any city where Latinos or people of the brown race make up the majority of the city's population.
Los Angeles, San Antonio, El Paso, Tucson, American border towns that border Mexico are considered as browntowns, due to the Hispanic population making up the majority of the population. It's even the same with Miami due to the heavy Cuban population. Take for example chocolate city, such as Atlanta, Detroit, D.C., Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles, Oakland, Gary and the Mississippi Delta.
by Karpman May 31, 2007
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A nickname for a city in Canada known as Brampton which is funny enough... Full of brown people.
Hey man have you ever been to Browntown? It's full of brown people!
by Edgy Cunt #1290219 January 10, 2018
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Having anal sex with a woman
Dude, I went Browntown on her last night.
by roast November 16, 2002
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A crew or group of people consisting mostly or entirely of British Asians. It is considered to be cool to be a part of this group due to the groups high social stature. Usually found in large groups socialising/facebooking on the second floor, or at any event where Rnb/Hip Hop/Bhangra is played. Between them, Browntown will know the majority of the community they are a part of.
1) That guy Arjun is HOT! He's probably the best looking guy in Browntown ;)

2) Are we going out tonight? All of Browntown are going so it should be good!
by agdolla January 26, 2009
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Browntown is a fictional place that is based off of Gravity Falls, that houses monsters, normal and not-so normal people, and LOTS of beans. Browntown is where all the Foink comics will take place.
by gravity falls wizard February 27, 2018
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