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An informal name for the anus, mostly used in the context of having anal sex with someone ("take sb. to browntown").
We'll bend you over, then we'll take you to browntown - Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny (2006)
by Aris Boch August 10, 2011
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to 'go to brown town' with someone means to have anal sex with them
I want to go to brown town with Vanessa.
by cErTiFiEd December 14, 2004
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A nickname for a city in Canada known as Brampton which is funny enough... Full of brown people.
Hey man have you ever been to Browntown? It's full of brown people!
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A crew or group of people consisting mostly or entirely of British Asians. It is considered to be cool to be a part of this group due to the groups high social stature. Usually found in large groups socialising/facebooking on the second floor, or at any event where Rnb/Hip Hop/Bhangra is played. Between them, Browntown will know the majority of the community they are a part of.
1) That guy Arjun is HOT! He's probably the best looking guy in Browntown ;)

2) Are we going out tonight? All of Browntown are going so it should be good!
by agdolla January 25, 2009
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