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A beautiful, funny, fun, outspoken, and adventurous girl. She is a party girl. She is a very fun and lovable girl. She cares about the people she loves. If tested she can be a real bitch. She is always on fleek and always makes thing work. She doesn't chase after boys and if she is single doesnt care but is is a loyal girl. She is totally honest so if you ask her for her real opinion expect a little hard break. Female hate her because she speaks the truthand is a loyal friend and will fight anybody who wants to fight her. She doesn't let anything in her way.
Guy- Aye bruh is Bryanna taken.
Other guy- Nawl and ion care. Aye Bryanna why you single.
Bryanna - Cause my name Bryanna and I'm independent.
by Anonymousme143500 January 02, 2017
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Is a girl that can pull a man any day,she has a fat ass and all the boys stare!She is so beautiful and cares a lot about her friends.She is the type of girl that's will turn your frown upside down.She will always put a smile on your face.She is the most loyal,baddest,prettiest girl you will ever have and meet.Dont ever loose her.Get you a fucking Bryanna.
Her name must be Bryanna because that ass fat!
by ForevaTheBaddestBitch June 19, 2018
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A girl that will make you pee your pants for how funny she is. However she isn't just funny, she beautiful, loves to write, and cares about her friends. Her and her long as hair will make you love her even more.
Hey Bryanna, lookin good!
Well, my name is Bryanna after all!
by Yourmama101 June 06, 2015
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Bryanna is a funny girl. She is a pessimist but has an amazing sense of humor. Her hair is amazing. Anyone would kill for her thick and shiny hair. She is extremely smart sometimes to much even for herself. Finally she the most amazing girl you would ever meet and not just because of beauty but because of her realness.
by Serious_one_ August 29, 2017
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The most amazing girl alive, sometimes thought to have the most amazing hair a girl can obtain.
Guy: Look at that girls hair, and her body, she's amazing!
Other Guy: Well, her name is Bryanna after all...
by James jamison November 23, 2007
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the most amazingest girl you would ever meet. once you become friends with her she will change your life forever, you will never be able to forget her. she is so beautiful that everyone wants to be like her. she has the most amazing eyes. she know how to make everyone laugh and feel happy. all the boys chase after her because of her beauty. bascially the greatest girl on the face of the earth.
bill: " woah that girl is so beautiful!"
jim: " of course she is, her names bryanna."
by gagalalablahblah October 05, 2010
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