The word you single is most often used by 9 year old Roblox players, other wise used in a really weird conversation yo wanna get out of.
9 year old: time to sign into my roblox and get some sweet online babes.

Other roblox player: I'm just minding my own business in his game.

9 year old: hey you single.

other player: yeah, wanna go on a date.

9 year old: SURE :) XD
Mom: so honey this is how sex works...

Son: you single?

Mom: umm what...
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Means a female or a male is trying to get to the next level with you indirectly. Meaning trying to be the next person that you date.
An Example of Why you single?: Guy : I was meaning to ask, "Why are you single?" Girl: "Haven't really found someone interesting, yet. Guy: "Cool, how about I change that title."
by TMC23 December 4, 2013
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When a white women decided to become sexually and or romantically involved with a Black male and she becomes pregnant. The Black male typically ditches the pregnant white women making her a single mother.
Miles- Hanna I wouldnt date Damian.
Donna- Why not he seems nice.
Miles- Hanna once you go black you become a single mom.
Donna- Thats the last thing I need in my life.
Miles- what is that?
Donna- A cribmidget.

Miles- I gotcha
by Leroy McLevine May 17, 2011
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