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A beautiful, funny, fun, outspoken, and adventurous girl. She is a party girl. She is a very fun and lovable girl. She cares about the people she loves. If tested she can be a real bitch. She is always on fleek and always makes thing work. She doesn't chase after boys and if she is single doesnt care but is is a loyal girl. She is totally honest so if you ask her for her real opinion expect a little hard break. Female hate her because she speaks the truthand is a loyal friend and will fight anybody who wants to fight her. She doesn't let anything in her way.
Guy- Aye bruh is Bryanna taken.
Other guy- Nawl and ion care. Aye Bryanna why you single.
Bryanna - Cause my name Bryanna and I'm independent.
by Anonymousme143500 January 02, 2017

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