the most amazingest girl you would ever meet. once you become friends with her she will change your life forever, you will never be able to forget her. she is so beautiful that everyone wants to be like her. she has the most amazing eyes. she know how to make everyone laugh and feel happy. all the boys chase after her because of her beauty. bascially the greatest girl on the face of the earth.
bill: " woah that girl is so beautiful!"
jim: " of course she is, her names bryanna."
by gagalalablahblah October 05, 2010
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a buetiful girl with an exsplosive personality amzing in every way with a bubbly personality
guy: do u know bryanna other guy: no but i wish i did
by videohead22 January 13, 2010
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Shes a smart girl who has big dreams.She is cute and curious.She braver than anyone in the world.She takes on the world,she never gives up, and have a heart of gold.Also she really funny.
Bryanna will make u feel loved.
by My little pony 101 January 06, 2019
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BRYANNA ahhh, bryanna she is the best person u will ever meet. She is usually very well know, funny, caring,loving,and BEAUTIFUL. It's very easy for her to make new friends. She is mostly known for her beauty and her great sense of humor, and she has one big imagination. She denies she's popular but everyone knows the truth. She'll make ur day better every single day. She usually always has a very positive energy, and tenses to have one big butt. If u don't have a Bryanna make sure u find one, because I assure you u will feel way more happier in life!!!
1)omg did u see Bryanna's story on Snapchat yesterday?
2)omg yea everyone was shouting her name, it looked so lit.
by Bryanna Vera January 11, 2018
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Bryanna is the most beautiful girl out there. She does not try to be anyone but herself but shes not completely happy with who she is, even though everyone knows shes perfect. She is a ray of sunshine that could shine through a hurricane. She’s funny and can make anyone laugh anytime. She’s the most hilarious girl I’ve ever met. She will try to make anyone laugh even if she’s not happy at the time. She still puts on a smile and loves her friends passionately. She is a rose in a bundle of sunflowers. She is absolutely perfect in every way possible. She’s divine. She’s crazy in a good way, she has spunk and isn’t afraid to show it. She has a unique personality. She doesn’t judge others and has love and respect for others. She can be going through so much in her life but still continue to love and care for her family and friends. She is one lovable girl. She loves food and will never hesitate to share. She is responsible and organized. She keeps promises made and never tells secrets that are asked of her. She is an awesome kisser and loves to spoil her boyfriend and or friends when able to do so. She love her friends and treats them so awesome. She can also be a mom-friend. She always has hair-ties, deodorant, body spray, feminine products etc on hand when needed. If you have a friend with the name Bryanna show her love, affection, respect, and appreciation. She probably deserves to know that she is appreciated.
Bryanna is lovable.
Food is Bryanna's bestfriend.
by pinkpeppermintpoison October 26, 2019
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A loving friend and sister like figure who will always stand by your side in times of trouble.
My friend is a total Bryanna.
by A.S.0317 April 10, 2019
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A beautiful, cute, and overall great person. Bryanna can be stubborn at times but is very caring. She is very pretty and whenever she walks by you always stare at her. Sarcasm is a part of her. If you like Bryanna back off because she wouldn’t be interested in you. She is very smart and would want to Help you with your grades. If you become friends with a Bryanna then keep her forever you won’t regret it. If you want an honest opinion from her expect it to be heart breaking. Although if she cares about you a lot she’ll keep it to herself. If you share a secret with her she will keep it forever. Bryanna is a great person and you should keep her forever.
E:I’m in love with Bryanna.
E:Yes, but I doubt she likes me. I wish she liked me back.
by Bubbasksksk1515 August 26, 2019
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